The quarry


Quarry Noyant

The Noyant Quarry is located 90 km northeast of Paris on an authorized area 120 of 120 hectares.
The quarry, which is underground, was probably first opened in the 11th century, during construction of the Château de Septmonts. This castle’s keep is the only part that still remains. Quarrying is done 23 meters under the earth’s surface, and the quarried blocks are taken to the nearby production workshop, where they are cut and shaped.

Solid Noyant stone was used locally to build houses, castles, and churches, and in Paris more recently, in the 20th century, for apartment buildings, a ministry building, and private mansions.

Currently in Paris and the Paris Region, many apartment buildings are constructed with solid stone from the Noyant Quarry.
Noyant, stone 7,5 cm, thick was used to construct both the façade. and the interior of a grand hotel-clubhouse in Shirahama, Japan, near Osaka. A very efficient cutting and shaping workshop makes it possible to respond to market demands for many different types of cuts of stone. In the quarry, highly qualified personnel, use high-tech rock cutters to ensure that the required volume of stone is mined.